How To

Saving on water heating costs can be achieved through a combination of smart DIY practices, regular maintenance, and strategic replacements.

Do you need instructions on how to change and install a heating element, anode rod, pilot light, or thermostat?

Is your water heater broken, and you want to replace it yourself and save money?

Do you want to know how to troubleshoot a water heater and repair issues like noise, rotten egg odor, sediment buildup, leaks, or any other hot water problems?

These and many other homeowners’ concerns will be explored here in our useful DIY guide. This guide will help you save on water heating, improve comfort, and protect your home and family from scalding burns, carbon monoxide poisoning, premature failures, and other accidents.

Note that installing a water heater or any of its elements, including troubleshooting or repairs, is not an average DIY home project. It can be a challenging process, but ultimately, it can save you money.

And if you are not comfortable working on it, it is best to contact a licensed professional to avoid potential failures and other risks.